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सकारात्मक ऊर्जाले भरिपूर्ण, शुद्ध तथा पवित्र माछापुच्छ्रे

सकारात्मक ऊर्जाले भरिपूर्ण, शुद्ध तथा पवित्र माछापुच्छ्रे

Just beyond the city limits, Mountain Glory Forest Resort & Spa is nestled between jungle-covered hills and the gorge carrying the Seti River. In the lap of nature, feel yourself slip into a more tranquil state of mind. Find peace in the property’s sprawling outdoor spaces.

Mountain Glory Resort - best resort in Pokhara

रमणीय दृश्य


Every morning at sunrise the sight of the snow-covered Annapurna mountains will greet you, with Fishtail peak rising out of the range like a radiant crown jewel. After a day of adventures in the forest, along the Seti river, or around the nearby Phewa Lake you can return to Mountain Glory and seek a space to unwind.

न्यानो अभिवादन

Warmth in

Staffed by a team of hospitality professionals, our resort is ideal for guests wanting an exclusive getaway or venue for corporate and family events. From families and couples to travelling business people, we look forward to welcoming you to our serene home away from home.

Hospitality at best resort in Pokhara

प्रकृतिको आश्रयमा

Escape to nature’s embrace at our resort

Our Team

Team of Mountain Glory Resort